I’m Odinaka Ndukwe,
Content Strategist & Brand Storyteller.

I help businesses develop the right plan to use content to achieve their business goals online and I show them how to do so.

My super power is the ability to help businesses connect with, and serve the right people. I help people like you find your tribe by building relationships with clients/customers and establishing trust.

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The right content could be the difference between where you are as a business, and where you want to be; a brand.

Why Content Strategy?

The right way to attract your tribe is to serve them with the right type of content that shows them you’re for them.

Everyone (including you and I) wants to be assured that a business knows them, truly cares about them, and is working in their best interest even though they make some money out of it.

For a business to make this kind of connection with it’s prospective customer, it needs to have a great content strategy and a fire implementation. That way, they connect with the right type of people for their business; people who love to hear from, and buy from them.

Are you a business owner wondering if this can happen?

My Services

Brand Messaging

Have a business or a business idea and looking for the best way to position your business? I can help you. I craft well thought-out messaging and strategic positioning that will make what you do clearer and valuable, thereby attracting the right people.

Content Strategy

When attracting the right customers using contents, you need a good and effective plan, one that brings results. I transform business/ brand goals and objectives into a plan that uses content to achieve those goals and objectives.

Content Marketing

In need of execution for your content strategy? I provide content marketing and management services ranging from SEO article writing, keyword research to email copies.

Clarity of purpose is a rare gift, one that I believe Odinaka Ndukwe has been blessed with. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until Odinaka came in. Her approach is client-centered and it was designed with my brand specifically in mind. I like how she emphasized intentionality in running a business and how critical she was of my ideas. She highlighted the need to consider the feasibility of my plan. Before now, I didn’t think it would be possible to pull this off but Odinaka revealed the possibility of building a successful brand while meeting the need for which my brand was created. Thank you Odinaka.

Onyinye Ojeh

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