SoFresh—A brand completely focused on its brand message


A good brand is one whose brand message—what they offer and believe in—is clear. This is something I like that SoFresh does so well.

On this week’s edition of #NigerianBrands, I will be talking about the beauty and wellness brand – SoFresh

#NigerianBrands is a bi-weekly series where I share my thoughts concerning Nigerian brands as regards to branding and marketing.

SoFresh is Nigeria’s first healthy food chain, that provides fresh, delicious, nutrient-rich healthy meals and is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

SoFresh formerly called Fruitivegies was founded in 2010 by Olagoke Balogun and his wife, Abimbola Balogun. They provide a wide range of fresh salads, juices, smoothies, parfait, fiesta wraps (call it healthy shawarma), sandwich and other quick on the go healthy meals.

What I love about this brand asides from what they’re doing with their Instagram, is how they have been able to consistently stick to their brand message of healthy lifestyle. You can see that in all they do and even in the types of campaigns and partnerships they have.

At first, when SoFresh started, there was a resistance which came as a result of healthy eating not being a thing. As a result, So Fresh decided to educate and inform their audience on what healthy living is about and what their brand does. They did so using Instagram.

Gradually, people began to buy into it and patronize them. Luckily for them, there was a healthy lifestyle wave that swept Nigeria and SoFresh was well positioned to handle that.

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SoFresh advocates healthy lifestyle and it’s seen in all they do. Currently, they have a 30-day walk challenge in March. This challenge is one of the ways they communicate and live their brand message.

SoFresh also talks about anything clean eating and health and they have found ways to partner with people and brands that share in the belief of living healthy. Examples of these partners are fitness brands and nutritionist.

The ability for SoFresh to consistently stick to their brand message, making sure all that they do has this message at its core is something I believe all brands should adopt in order to have fans and longevity.

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