Content marketer, content writer

My name is Odinaka Ndukwe and I’m a content marketer. I help businesses and personal brands achieve their business goals through content communication and marketing by solving their content marketing needs.

Here’s What I can do for You!

Content Strategy

When attracting the right customers using contents, you need to do it right and to do so; you need a plan. You need a good and effective plan, one that brings results. I transform business/brand goals and objectives into a plan that uses content to achieve those goals and objectives.

Content marketer

Writing and Development

Need to write or develop a topic or theme and not sure how to about it? I write and develop compelling, engaging and relevant content for websites, blogs, emails and social media pages. I also develop ebooks and work manuals.

Content Optimization

Want your content to come up in search results and not sure what to do? I deliver and write well optimized content for both web and social media.

Web Copies

Your website should attract the right people and make them take the necessary actions you want them to take. I write and edit compelling web and social media copies that grab the attention of your ideal audience and convert them to customers.

Content Audit

Want your website or social media pages to perform better? I perform content analysis and assessment, check for content gaps, evaluate content quality and help overall web optimization to ensure your content aligns with the objectives and marketing goals of your brand.


Do you want to be sure your content is structurally presented to deliver a message clearly? or you want your content to follow a content guideline? I copyedit web and social media content, ebooks and instructional manuals to make sure they are clearly understood, coherent and free from ambiguity and errors.

Content marketer

Brand Messaging

Not sure how to convey your brand’s underlying value proposition and what kind of language to use? I can help you create a brand messaging that resonates with your target market and the core values of your brand.

What People Say About my Work

Tolulope Oyekan, CEO. AP Consulting

Odinaka is my go-to for content creation, editing and proofreading. She brings a whole different perspective to writing and does a great job at it. I do a lot of writing work and I usually need great content and she’s never let me down. Her writing is beautiful and clean, with a lot of attention to details and quality information. I’m glad I can always count on her writing services to make my job easier. If you are looking for a great content, editing or any form of writing services, you’re in the right place.

Jennifer Umekesiobi, Affiliate Marketer

She is a very skillful writer. It’s not just enough to know what to write but she also knows how to express what needs to be written in a very brilliant manner. She has lots of value to offer and she’s worth every penny and more.

Mirabelle Ajayi, Editor, The Republic

Odinaka seems to know what you are talking about. She is ready to help and work beyond her pay for the growth of the company.

Content builds relationship. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

Andrew Davis