Hey, I'm Odinaka Ndukwe,
I'm a Content Marketing Strategist & Brand Storyteller.

I’m like the bridge between a business and its customers, using content.

I help businesses find their tribe by building relationships with clients/customers and establishing trust. I do so by developing the right strategies and plans to use content to connect and market their business to their ideal customers.

Some businesses don’t know the need for a content strategy and those that know sometimes have no idea how to go about creating one that works. I noticed this some time ago and as a content marketing strategist, my main objective is to help businesses come up with a content strategy that is unique and specific to them and to implement the strategy. That way, it becomes clearer what the business does and who it’s for, thereby attracting the right audience, clients, or customers.

Some of the ways I do so are by leveraging inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing, brand messaging, and brand storytelling.

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