Odinaka Ndukwe

Content Strategist & Brand Storyteller


About Me

I am a marketing and communications professional with experience in brand storytelling, content marketing, inbound marketing, and email marketing. My specialty is in content strategy and brand storytelling.

I help businesses find their tribe by building relationships with clients/customers and establishing trust. I do so by developing the right strategies and marketing plans to help you connect and communicate with your ideal market audience.

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My Articles

  • Content marketing FAQs
    The following are frequently asked questions about content marketing. What is content marketing? According to Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a…
  • SoFresh—A brand completely focused on its brand message
    A good brand is one whose brand message—what they offer and believe in—is clear. This is something I like that SoFresh does so well. On this week’s edition of #NigerianBrands, I will be talking about the beauty and wellness brand…
  • 5 reasons every business needs branding
    When people think of branding, they think a logo or a set of colors the brand uses. Branding is beyond logos and colors, branding is more. Branding is about perception. How do people perceive a brand? When they see the…
  • What is a buyer’s journey?
    Before you make the action of buying something, there are certain things you must have gone through that finally lead to the purchase of the product. Maybe you had to find out about the problem and also had to discover…
  • Zikoko—a media brand that Nigerian millennials love
    Ever wondered what it’ll be like to have a website for the Nigerian youths that talk about things relatable and relevant to them? Well, Zikoko is a leading media brand in Nigeria that does exactly that. On this week’s edition…