Content Marketing Strategist in Nigeria

Content Marketing Strategist in Nigeria

Content Marketing Strategist & Brand Storyteller

Hey, I’m Odinaka Ndukwe,
I’m a Content Marketing Strategist & Brand Storyteller.

I’m like the bridge between a business and its customers, using content.

I help businesses find their tribe by building relationships with clients/customers and establishing trust. I do so by developing the right strategies and plans to use content to connect and market their business to their ideal customers.

Some businesses don’t know the need for a content strategy and those that know sometimes have no idea how to go about creating a content strategy that works. I noticed this some time ago and as a content marketer, my main objective is to help businesses come up with a content strategy that is unique and specific to them. That way, it becomes clearer what the business does and who it’s for, thereby attracting the right audience, clients, or customers.

Some of the ways I do so is by leveraging inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing, brand messaging, and brand storytelling.

Content Marketing Strategist in Nigeria, Content Marketing Strategist, Brand Storyteller in Nigeria

Love From Clients

Odinaka was very patient through the whole process. Her documents were helpful and very easy to understand. She was also very encouraging about my business and helped me more clearly define who my ideal target market is, the different kinds of content and the purposes they serve; and identify what my unique value proposition is. It was a challenging process but now, I can more easily discuss what my business does and why it stands out compared to others in a similar line of work.

Mirabelle Ajayi

Odinaka is my go-to for content creation, editing and proofreading. She brings a whole different perspective to writing and does a great job at it. I do a lot of writing work and I usually need great content and she’s never let me down. Her writing is beautiful and clean, with a lot of attention to details and quality information. I’m glad I can always count on her writing services to make my job easier. If you are looking for a great content, editing or any form of writing services, you’re in the right place.

Tolulope Oyekan