My story

Hi, I’m Odinaka Ndukwe

I’m like the bridge between a business and its customers.

How do I do so?

I’m a content strategist and brand storyteller. I help businesses find their tribe by building relationships with clients/customers and establishing trust. I do so by developing the right strategies to use content to connect and market their business to their ideal customers.

Before becoming a full-time content marketing strategist, I had been involved in some content marketing projects part-time, which I combined with my full-time job as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in a hospital. I quit my job because I discovered something I’m much more passionate about and that is, growing a business by creating meaningful connections that are genuine thereby building trust, authority, and loyalty.

Why Content Strategy?

A great content strategy is the core of good content marketing.

As content marketing is being used by businesses, not many know the right way to use this valuable and effective marketing tool. Some businesses go about publishing and sharing content as they please. Some simply use content to show off their products or services. However, there is more; there is a better way to use content to attract your customers/clients.

A great content strategy is important and necessary for maximum results.

Some business owners don’t know the need for a content strategy and those that know sometimes have no idea how to go about creating a content strategy that works. I noticed this some time ago, especially with new and small businesses.

As a content marketer, my main objective is to help businesses come up with a content strategy that is unique and specific to them. That way, it becomes clearer what the business does and who it’s for, thereby attracting the right audience, clients, or customers.

This goes a long way to save a lot of time and resources because when a business goes into content marketing by posting content on their blogs or social media channels without a content strategy, eventually, they think it’s not working or they feel tired and confused, with no clear measure of what is working and what’s not working. Content marketing takes a bit of time but it is the best way to attract customers/clients naturally and in the long term.

A good content strategy also makes it clear what to do in terms of content; how to go about the kind of content to put out there, how to reach your content marketing goals and how to manage overall content marketing for your business. It works!

My Services

Brand Messaging

Have a business or a business idea and looking for the best way to position your business? I can help you. I craft well thought-out messaging and strategic positioning that will make what you do clearer and valuable, thereby attracting the right people.

Content Strategy

When attracting the right customers using contents, you need a good and effective plan, one that brings results. I transform business/ brand goals and objectives into a plan that uses content to achieve those goals and objectives.

Content Marketing

In need of execution for your content strategy? I provide content marketing and management services ranging from SEO article writing, keyword research to email copies.

Why work with me?

I am experienced (over 2 years) in both content strategy and brand strategy. I help new businesses highlight the unique value proposition that appeals to the prospective customers. I am also experienced in the art of storytelling.

I have helped businesses come up with content strategies that increased their audience engagement by over 50% and sales by over 40% at the same time connecting them to customers who love to interact with them

You can help your business get the customers it was created to serve.

Hear from others!

Mirabelle Ajayi

Odinaka was very patient through the whole process. Her documents were helpful and very easy to understand. She was also very encouraging about my business and helped me more clearly define who my ideal target market is, the different kinds of content and the purposes they serve; and identify what my unique value proposition is. It was a challenging process but now, I can more easily discuss what my business does and why it stands out compared to others in a similar line of work.

Jennifer Umekesiobi

I decided to start a health/fitness brand and that was the easy part. The hard part? I didn’t know what to do next, how to grow/promote my brand, who my brand was for or even why I started a brand. Prior to contacting Odinaka for my brand, she has always been my go-to person for business talk, writing and content creation. Aside her brilliance, she’s committed, reliable, flexible and highly skilled in business and content marketing. Odinaka helped me gain clarity and direction for my brand. I understood the importance of specificity and got a vision and mission for my brand. Now, my brand is doing better. For anyone starting up, I would happily recommend her. For anyone who doesn’t know how to bring out the best in their business/brand, speak to her. For anyone struggling or just following the crowd, she’s a great option.

Let me help you reach your customers with the right kind of content the right way