Hi, I’m Odinaka Ndukwe,

I’m a versatile content writer and communication strategist. With over 5 years of experience, I’ve crafted compelling content across diverse mediums, from long-form articles, blog posts, ebooks and research articles to social media content.

I specialize in copyediting and crafting engaging material, employing my expertise in WordPress to design and develop websites. I am proficient in Google Suite, I excel in email marketing, brand storytelling, and SEO to create engaging and optimized content.

My passion lies not only in general content writing and strategy but specifically in health content and strategy, combining my skills in research, storytelling, copywriting, and copyediting. I also have an understanding of CMS, CRM software, Canva, and Google Analytics, I bring a comprehensive skill set to every project.

I can improve your content and communication strategy!

Email: ndukweodinaka@gmail.com or odinaka@odinakandukwe.com


Core proficiencies:
+ Content Strategy

+ Content Writing
+ Content management
+ WordPress Website Design & Development


– Research
– Content structuring and organization
– Project management

– Planning and strategy
– Writing and communication
– Copyediting and copywriting

Notable works for clients

Jayjom GSI

Jayjom GSI is a company in Canada that helps immigrants in Canada who wish to improve their careers and chances of getting the type of job they want. They do so by providing immigrants with the guidance and personalized strategies needed to approach the job market, navigate the job system, and thrive in their workplace in Canada.

I did the following for Jayjom:

– Crafted the brand message of the business
– Designed the website using WordPress (as of now, the brand has made some changes to the design)
– Managed and structured every piece of content on the website as seen
– Wrote and developed the key pages on the website menu such as the Homepage, About page, Cohort program landing page, GPS service page, and Scrum certification page amongst others
– Designed an ongoing content strategy

Splendid Freight

Splendid Freight is a freight forwarding company established out of a strong and sincere desire to offer top-notch, bespoke logistics solutions that add value and support the success of its clients.

I did the following for Splendid Freight:

– Designed an ongoing content strategy
– Rewrote some of the copies seen on the homepage of the website
– Manage and oversee all content effort by the company


Atterfly is a content and communications company that helps healthcare brands and startups in Nigeria build empathetic, strong, and trustworthy brands online through strategic content marketing and communications.

I did the following for Atterfly:

– Crafted the brand message of Atterfly
– Designed the website using WordPress
– Managed, structured and developed every piece of content on the website, including the HomePage, About, Services, and Contact pages.

Others worth mentioning:

Odinaka Ndukwe Brand:
– Designed the website using WordPress
– Wrote all the pages, articles and web copies on the website

The Royal Deviant Brand:
– Designed website using WordPress
– Write and manage content on the blog

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Testimonials – What people say about my work

Odinakachukwu is an epitome of excellence. Very professional, courteous and detailed. Working with her is awesome; she makes you think deeply so as to bring out the best in you. She’s humble and willing to learn what she doesn’t know. She is supportive and works well with other team members. Her leadership style is impeccable; she doesn’t boss her team members around. She is a servant-leader.

Meshack Daniel

Director, Splendid Freight

Odinaka is very good at helping you identify your brand’s identity. She’s also a very good writer. Most importantly, she’s a constant learner always trying to figure out whatever she can do to help your brand. And that’s why I’d recommend her to any organization.

Mirabelle Ajayi

Director, The Servis Agency

Odinaka is my go-to for content creation, editing and proofreading. She brings a whole different perspective to writing and does a great job at it. I do a lot of writing work and I usually need great content and she’s never let me down. Her writing is beautiful and clean, with a lot of attention to details and quality information. I’m glad I can always count on her writing services to make my job easier. If you are looking for a great content, editing or any form of writing services, you’re in the right place.

Tolulope Oyekan

Creative Director, AP Consulting

Work with me

You can contact me by sending an email to ndukweodinaka@gmail.com or odinaka@odinakandukwe.com